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Being the capital of one of the most famous wine regions in the world, Florence is not just a great starting point for the many wine tours the Tuscany countryside has to offer, but has a great wine culture of its own.

Between the various wines imported from the hills and even made just outside the city center, an entire day could be spent exploring the historic city of Florence, taking in the sights, sounds and most importantly, the tastes.

A unique part of the wine experience in Florence is the “cantinas”, which are wine cellars throughout the city where you can do wine tastings with friends and family, complete with experts that you would find at a more traditional wine tour. Alternatively, check out Musement.Com Tuscan Wine from a Vespa, a worthwhile experience you’ll always remember.

If a winery style tour is more to your liking check out one of Florence’s many “enotecas”, which are similar to traditional wine bars found elsewhere. Some of the wines you can expect to find throughout town at the entotecas and cantinas? To name a few, expect to see various Montepulciano wine, Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino, Pomino Vin Santo, moscadello wine varieties, Siena wine varieties and of course the Florence-popular Ornellaia.

One of the best parts of Florence wine tours are you don’t even need to head out to a winery or vineyard to enjoy some of the best wine Florence has to offer. Head to the city center will you find “vinainos”, which are small stands on the corner where you purchase and enjoy wine, complete with compatible snacks. Any wine tasting event you decide on in Florence, expect the full boat of truffles, Italian bread, various Tuscan cheeses and an Italian staple, liver mouse. With any of the wines, also expect the experts on hand to detail and explain the food combinations that are chosen.

As with most industries and structures you will find in the ancient city of Florence, the culture and history of wine dates back centuries in its stories and even architecture. A unique tradition that Florence has in its history, is the selling of wine out of what are called “Buchette.” Found throughout the city on ground floors of ancient aristocratic palaces, Buchette are small holes in the ground that were used to sell wine produced on the local farms. Dating back to the seventeenth century, the prominent families of the time would sell wine produced from their farms out of these Buchette, believed to keep the wine cool and in a convenient, centralized place. At night, it was not uncommon to leave some wine behind for the beggars that frequent the city.

Florence wine tours are a great way to see a city that dates back to the Middle Ages and to this day remains a bustling hub home to over 380,000 residents in the city alone. Being the most important and industrialized city in all of Tuscany, the wine producing region has Florence to thank as a major passage way to its tourism industry, one of the region’s most significant streams of income. One of the most recognizable wine regions in the world, Chianti, is just a short drive south of the city. Its Sangiovese grapes, made famous in the popular dark red Chianti Classico, are a stable in many reds produced throughout the region. A different, often overlooked and-so uncrowded area just a few miles east of Florence is the Chianti Rufina district. Here you can enjoy both reds and whites and relax in what is considered a hidden gem of the Tuscany region.

While many wine tours and tastings will congregate to the south in the Tuscany region, any visit to Italy should include at least one of the many Florence wine tours.


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