The bridge to nowhere in Naples

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In a 2014 report, the Italian government revealed that over €3 billion had been invested in a staggering 693 structures across Italy that remain unfinished and abandoned. One particularly striking example is the bridge of San Giacomo dei Capri in Naples, which appears as if it were a set piece from a post-apocalyptic film.

The design is an architectural aberration that defies common sense. Astonishingly, approximately 800 million liras have already been funneled into this ill-fated project. This considerable expenditure is largely attributed to the City of Naples’ failure to efficiently manage the expropriation process. As a result, the bridge stands incomplete, its structure looming just a meter and a half away from the windows of adjacent buildings.

A short documentary by Jacopo Fo (son of Dario)

San Giacomo dei Capri
bridge to nowhere

Last Updated on 2023/08/29


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