Biggest wildlife sanctuary in Italy: Majella National Park

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Majella National Reserve

Maiella (or Majella) National Park (Chieti, L’Aquila, Abruzzo) is a mountain nature reserve centered around the Maiella calcareous massif.


The highest peak is Monte Amaro (2,793 m). The park is one of the three National Parks of Abruzzo, in the area between L’Aquila, Pescara, and Chieti.

Its slopes are cut by long and rugged valleys.

The park is composed by 9 nature reserves:

Monte Rotondo Nature Reserve
Bosco di S. Antonio
Quarto Santa Chiara
Majella Orientale
Fara San Martino Palombaro
Feudo Ugni
Piana Grande della Majelletta
Valle dell’Orfento
Lama Bianca di Sant’Eufemia a Maiella

Around 37% of the Italian vegetation species are rapresented.

The area is also populated by strong wildlife: Wild boars, hares, chamois, deer, weasels, martens, wild cats, Eurasian lynxs, porcupines, black bears, otters, Apennine wolves, martens, dormice, skunks, hedgehogs, greater horseshoe bats, badgers, moles, mouse-eared Geoffroy, foxes, etc.

Monte Amaro

Majella National Park

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