Ancient Mesola Wood in the Po Delta Park

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Wildlife and birding in the Po Delta dreamy wood. Mesola wood is a nature reserve on the Po Delta, not far from Ferrara (between Goro, Codicote, and Mesola).

Featured image: Young male of deer near Elciola in the Mesola wood

Emilia Romagna

The Gran Bosco della Mesola covers an area of 1,058 hectares which represent the remains of a woodland complex, once much larger, which originated around the year 1000.

The altitude ranges from – 1 to +3 m m.

At one time, the wood, being surrounded by marshes, was frequented by numerous bird species typical of the wetlands; the drastic reduction in fauna, caused by the drainage works, has been halted by the creation of a wetland area inside the wood, called Elciola, generally closed to the public, where duck species and herons find sanctuary. []

The Delta region is a lonely and mysterious land of legends, traditions and swamps.


Text: Wikipedia,
Images: Flickr, wikimedia


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