Illegal and Crazy Horse Street Racings videos in Italy

Horse street racing

Roads closed to create private racetracks near Etna. Hundreds of Youtube videos showing horse gigs at crazy speed on city streets.

Weird Italy sicily Illegal and Crazy Horse Street Racings videos in Italy Italy Crime News and Criminal Investigations Magazine  sicily racetracks palermo mafia illegal horse racing illegal activity horses horse street racings horse criminal catania campania animal rights   Criminal exploitation of horses is a phenomenon always existed, even if mostly submerged. Sometimes, police search for weapons and drugs and then find horses.

Doping, animal abuse and money raised betting on street racing, but also selling illegally butchered meat.

In 2011 in Italy, according to data released by the Anti Vivisection League (Lav), only seven street racing were blocked. But if you check on Youtube, you immediately realize how those numbers are underestimated.

Catania, in Sicily, is the capital of this phenomenon. However illegal street racings are popular also in other area of Southern Italy.

Provinciale 92 of Etna is one of the most popular illegal racetrack.


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