The Underground Tunnels of Bologna

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Under Bologna lies an intricate complex of tunnels winding below the city.

Tunnels were built or converted for different needs over time: a water reservoir, passages, air raid shelters, etc.

Waterways of Bologna had a long story: used since Roman times, their importance increased with the Middle Ages to fulfill the needs of the growing economy of Bologna.

During the Renaissance, waterways were upgraded with a real port connecting Bologna to the Adriatico Sea.

Foto: Massimo Brunelli

Images of the Underground Tunnels of Bologna

Aposa stream – Access from Via Rizzoli

Bagni di Mario, a large underground water reservoir built in 1563 by Tommaso Laureti to supply Neptune Fontain.

Navile channel

Del Guasto – Air raid shelter (War World II)

Palazzo Maccaferri

In collaboration with Associazione Amici delle Acque


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