Paradise Lost: Moon Valley in Sardinia

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Moon Valley is located on a small peninsula (Capo Testa) in the extreme north of Sardinia Island. Since the 60s the island is a destination for hippies and people who want to run away from society.

Weird Italy sardegna Paradise Lost: Moon Valley in Sardinia Featured Magazine What to see in Italy  valle della luna the skull sardinia moon valley hippies  It’s formed by seven valleys divided by huge granite hills, and locally it’s called “The Skull”. The peninsula is dotted by caves, some of them inhabited. In 1971 one of the first Italian hippie communes was founded in Cala Grande in Gallura. The valley now is frequented by alternative people, Rastas, punks, backpackers, etc.


Original Intro image file – Santa Teresa di Gallura


The Abbey of Thelema, Cefalú

The gruesome procession of Verbicaro Flagellants


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