9 videos of the songs of the Camorra, italian mafia

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In popular imagination, the Mafia is often portrayed in a specific cinematic light, such as the iconic films directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Yet, there’s another side to the underworld of organized crime that is less often explored: its influence on music. One striking example is the Camorra, a Mafia-style criminal organization rooted in the Campania region of southern Italy. The soundtrack to the lives and stories associated with this notorious group is deeply influenced by Neomelodic music—a genre that originates from Naples, the heart of Campania.

Neomelodic music is characterized by its emotionally charged melodies, often accompanied by rhythms that evoke traditional Italian folk music. The central themes of Neomelodic songs tend to revolve around family, love, and betrayal. These elements create an almost romantic backdrop that masks the darker undertones of the world it often portrays. Interestingly, some critics argue that this form of music doesn’t just serve as a backdrop but actively contributes to the glorification of criminal activities. A number of artists within the Neomelodic scene have faced criticism for allegedly glamorizing the criminal lifestyle through their lyrics.

The connection between Neomelodic music and organized crime isn’t merely thematic; it extends into the realms of finance and control. Criminal organizations like the Camorra exert significant influence over the Neomelodic music industry, which is far from a struggling niche. It’s a lucrative enterprise, generating more than 200 million euros annually. From production to distribution, these criminal syndicates have their hands deeply embedded in the music’s commercial aspects.

This entanglement creates a complex tapestry where art and criminality are inextricably linked. It raises uncomfortable questions about how society consumes and engages with art that may have dark origins or implications. In sum, the relationship between the Camorra and Neomelodic music serves as a powerful illustration of how organized crime can infiltrate cultural expression, shaping it in ways that are both fascinating and unsettling.

‘O capo clan di Nello Liberti – Clan Chief

Lyrics excerpt

The boss is a serious man, It’s not true that he’s evil
but with the heart you can’t think
The boss can’t fail because for the Family he is the one who commands
He can’t stay far from his children and the liberty
And every night he dreams of the people who wait for him

The video shows the gangster giving the hitman his instructions. No mercy for traitors.

Tommy riccio o latitante – The Abscond

Lisa Castaldi “Il mio amico camorrista” – My friend cammorist

Lisa Castaldi “Femmena d’onore” – Woman of Honor

MARILENA NELLO AMATO nu core chiuso – Jailed Heart

Gianluca Parisi e Nello Amato. Nu Frate Latitante – Brother Abscond

Tommy Riccio dint’a stanza e na’ avvocato

Tommy Riccio Malavita napulitana – Neapolitan underworld

Tony Napolitano e Tony Marciano – E’ Mugliere de Carcerate – Prisoner Wife


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