Amazing Underground Cathedrals in Canelli

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This is a sort of paradise for wine lovers.

Dug in the hills of Canelli, a small town in Piemonte, the underground cathedrals, historic cellars of the Gancia family where the first Italian Spumante was produced in 1865, is a priceless heritage of architecture dedicated to wine.

The structures were excavated in tuff, a perfect natural heat insulator capable of maintaining a constant temperature between 12-14 degrees, ideal for processing and aging the wine.



Underground Cathedrals photos provided by Gancia
Canelli photo (Wikipedia)

The beautiful scenery of Canelli, Asti


The mummies of Ferentillo in Italy

Mike Patton performing Mondo Cane


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  1. I was intrigued by the equipment and machinery in the cathedral, but no attempt was made to describe each photo. Could you please add descriptions?


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