Gardens of Bomarzo, Arcane Park of the Monsters

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Last Updated on 2022/10/11

Gardens of Bomarzo, Images, Facts and History

The Park of the Monsters (or Gardens of Bomarzo), created in the 16th century, is an arcane monumental complex located in Bomarzo, Viterbo, in northern Lazio, Italy.

The gardens are composed of a wooded park, near the castle of the Orsini family and esoteric sculptures and small buildings, partially hidden by the natural vegetation.

It was created by the condottiero Pier Francesco Orsini, called Vicino (1523-1585). The garden was built after the death of the beloved wife, Giulia Farnese.

The park covers an area of about 3 hectares, in a coniferous and deciduous forest. Inside there are many sculptures of various sizes depicting mythological characters and animals, buildings inspired by the classical world, deliberately ignoring the rules of perspective or aesthetics, in order to confuse the visitor.

The architecture was designed by Pirro Ligorio and the sculptures by Simone Moschino.

The sculptures were made in basalt. Many attractions are marked with enigmatic and mysterious inscriptions, which unfortunately have survived to a small extent.

Two Sphinxes, whose appearance follows both the classic model of a woman with a lion’s body and the Egyptian one since they are both wingless are located at the entrance of the park.

Images of Gardens of Bomarzo, Arcane Park of the Monsters, Lazio, Italy

Pictures by MadGrin


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