Pompeii 1972: Pink Floyd live

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In the early 1970s, the esteemed director Adrian Maben, along with the assistance of a University of Naples professor named Carputi, managed to persuade local authorities to close off the area surrounding Pompeii for six days.

Achieving this feat was no small task, as it required overcoming numerous challenges and bureaucratic roadblocks that often hinder such endeavors. Nevertheless, Maben’s tenacity and the influence of Professor Carputi proved to be the driving force that enabled them to obtain the necessary permissions to temporarily protect the historical site of Pompeii.

This significant accomplishment not only helped preserve an essential piece of history but also ensured that future generations would have the opportunity to appreciate and learn from the ancient city of Pompeii. Through their dedication and collaborative effort, Maben and Carputi were able to overcome the seemingly insurmountable odds and make a lasting impact on the preservation of this invaluable historical treasure.


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