Madness in Cardito video is a fake

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The purported “Madness in Cardito” video, depicting an elderly driver’s ten-minute psychological breakdown while driving down a narrow street in Cardito, Naples, has been confirmed to be a fabrication.

Despite being entertaining and seemingly believable, local residents of Cardito confirmed to reporters that they were involved in the creation of the video for an Automobile Club commercial. The video quickly gained popularity in Italy, amassing over 400,000 views in just a few days. It was recorded using iPhones and iPads, and the role of the priest was played by actor Antonio Gioiello. The video was produced by Automobile Club D’Italia Ready2Go, and an official version can be found on their YouTube channel.

Those interested in viewing an alternative perspective of the video can follow the source link.

Source: Corriere della sera , Corriere del Mezzogiorno



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